What a great joy to prepare for a party for friends and colleagues around the world!
All participants will be very much welcomed in Seoul!

The International Congress on Twin Studies (ICTS), initiated in 1974, is a triennial conference of the International Society for Twin Studies (www.ists.qimr.edu.au). The ICTS 2010 will be held at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul in conjunction with the 40th Behavior Genetics Association (BGA) meeting (www.BGA.org; June 2-5, 2010). ¡°There will be one day overlap (June 5, Sat) between ICTS and the BGA meeting¡±.

The ICTS will appeal to anyone who is interested in the broad field of research on multiple births and families including genetic epidemiology, psychology, psychiatric and behavioral genetics, endocrinology, obstetrics, pediatrics, ophthalmology, and much more.

The Scientific Program Committee and International Organizing Committee for the ICTS 2010 have designed a stimulating conference that aims to accommodate the basics as well as recent advances in twin studies. Especially, the 2010 conference will address recent quantitative and molecular genetic findings on human behaviors and complex diseases, epigenetic issues in twin studies, genotype-environment interactions in psychopathology and reproductive health, longitudinal studies of twins as well as advanced methodology of twin studies.

It is a rare occasion for the ICTS to be held in Asia. The most important missions of the ICTS 2010 are to promote twin studies in Asia and to expand the opportunities for twin researchers throughout the world to meet each other and keep abreast of the latest developments in twin research. A special one-day pre-congress workshop contributed by globally recognized scholars will offer an unparalleled educational experience to those who move into the twin study field and students in various fields of science.

Seoul is a world-class convention and tourist destination with a friendly and safe social atmosphere. I promise you an exciting and successful scientific, educational, and social congress in this beautiful city!

Please pass along this information to your colleagues! Let¡¯s wait for a party in Seoul in 2010!

Yoon-Mi Hur, PhD

ICTS2010 Local Host