Twin research for genetics and epigenetics of complex traits and diseases and obstetrical issues of multiple pregnancy.


Title of talk


Presidential Address

"How Twins Saved Psychology, and What Psychology Has Given in Return"

Matt McGue
University of Minnesota, USA


Plenary Lectures

Global Human Proteome Project and Disease Biomarker Discovery for the Personalized Medicine

Young-Ki Paik 
Yonsei University, South Korea

  Behavioral genetics in the era of molecular genetics: Learning abilities and disabilities as examples

Robert Plomin
King¡¯s College, London, UK


Novel uses of twins in the era of molecular genetics- examples from epigenetics and gene expression

Tim Spector
King¡¯s College, London, UK




Plenary Review Behavior and psychiatry Dorret Boomsma 
Vrije University, the Netherlands


The multiple pregnancy; recent highlights of obstetrical research.

Nils Lambalk 
Vrije University, the Netherlands

  Contributions of twin studies towards elucidating disease etiology

Nick Martin
Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Australia